Count together. Count without words!

Easy Marbles is a math app prototype that empowers children to count, explore, and enjoy Place Value years before they develop the vocabulary for it. (rationale below)

Place Value is the most foundational topic in all of K-5 Mathematics. It is more spiraled and revisited than any other topic. It is the very heart of all number sense:
Expanded Form
Long Division
and more ...
Why count without words?
– (English) words obscure the values and their relationships.
    (English uses 27 unique words to count to 99, but there are only 10 unique things: 1-9, and the tens place)
– Rehearsed opacity weakens our natural inclinitation toward transparency
+ Develop a reliable intuition for place value number systems
+ Prolong the experience of math as transparent, predictable, flexible, and meaningful
+ Use math to nurture equality and community between people
How do you count without words?  (short answer: Use this amazing app!)
Create unique, simply subitizable patterns for each value from 1-10 (not Ten Frames)
Create fluid transitions between each one
Make the relationships between place value positions unmistakably transparent
Make the model interactive/manipulative
one 10 → Two Tens!

ten's place ↑↑ one's place

← ten 1's

First beta tester (left, 4) guides the hand of the second beta tester (right, 2) to transition/regroup ten 10's into one 100.